The EdgeCool 5 Series transforms server racks into portable, energy-saving server rooms. The split-system air conditioner is designed for self-contained operation within any rack. EdgeCool units require no additional floor space and work with most new or existing server racks, bringing data center cooling efficiencies directly to the rack level with a patented, powerful design that cools 4 kW of sensible heat load per rack while operating on standard 115 VAC power.

The evaporator unit installs in the bottom of a rack, occupying only 8U of valuable rack space while delivering cold air in front of overheated IT equipment. Inherent to its design, the evaporator separates the cold air from the warm air within the rack. EdgeCool ensures the coldest air is delivered directly to overheated circuits, while the warmest air is routed back to the air conditioner. A variable-speed fan adjusts to match the heat load inside the rack. This intuitive technology creates steady, cool temperatures and assures reliability to the network. Furthermore, Edgecool’s cooling reach can grow as well. The adaptable evaporator can expand its cooling envelope to three server racks. By opening up its side grilles, it can direct cold air to equipment in adjacent racks.

The condenser unit’s role is to transfer heat from inside the rack safely away from the sensitive electronic equipment. There’s great flexibility on where the condenser unit can be installed, which provides end users with countless options when converting their existing standard rack into a portable server room. To maximize portability of the air conditioned rack, the condenser unit can be installed inside. However, to maximize the space inside the rack for IT equipment, the condenser unit can be installed on top of the rack or nearby, inside the room or building. The condenser’s airflow intake and exhaust are positioned at the top of the unit allowing for direct-to-ceiling ducting. Not only is this efficient, it also provides an unobstructed work area around the server rack for accessibility and ease when servicing the network. 

EdgeCool is designed to cool mission critical equipment in any standard 19-inch server rack with little or no costly modifications. This allows end users to strategically place their important data centers almost anywhere. EdgeCool can be used as a primary air conditioner in small to medium data center settings or added to data centers of all sizes for supplemental or redundancy cooling purposes. Small data centers can be difficult to cool, oftentimes in remote locations throughout the building (think converted coat closet or small storage room). Additionally, EdgeCool air conditioners are not lease-hold improvements, so end-users can take their cooling investment with them when moving to a new location. 

Edge computing is a decentralized data center approach that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. Edge computing improves latency response times, saves bandwidth, and helps meet regional data regulations. As its name suggests, EdgeCool is the perfect solution for micro data centers used in edge computing. EdgeCool’s flexibility allows micro data centers to be used in almost any environment without compromising cooling efficiency, physical security, and dependability. Edge computing is commonly used in a wide array of industries, including health care, retail, manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, and energy. 

EdgeCool excels in the nontraditional data center space located on manufacturing and warehouse floors. The advent of high-tech manufacturing equipment on the production floor or automation equipment in high-volume fulfillment centers processing ecommerce orders all require sensitive network equipment to be located in harsh environments. Protecting equipment from high temperatures and contaminants is simple by pairing an EdgeCool air conditioner with the appropriate National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)-rated industrial enclosure, eliminating the need for a data center all together. 

The EdgeCool rackmount air conditioner was jointly developed by Denso and TechniCool Innovations Inc. Both Denso and TCI have spent decades studying the evolving needs of IT and data center cooling. Denso is an automotive supplier and manufactures the MovinCool line of portable air conditioners. For decades, IT administrators have relied on MovinCool for their data centers year-round or in emergencies, when the primary air conditioners have failed. TCI is an innovative engineering company that has specialized in the rackmount air conditioning market for more than 18 years. Watching the market grow and evolve, TCI developed a unique expertise in design and market requirements for a successful rackmount air conditioner. Out of this partnership, EdgeCool was spawned to bring high-efficiency data center cooling down to the rack level.

Denso and TCI also partnered with other rack manufacturers to learn from the experts how to best integrate the EdgeCool air conditioner into their racks. One advantage of the split-system design is to simplify the installation without interrupting the network. Edgecool can be easily installed to an existing, overheated rack, working around network equipment while keeping maintenance and servicing straightforward. EdgeCool is designed in accordance with the industry standard for 19-inch racks (EIA 310) to work with any rack manufacturer with little or no rack modifications required. Working closely with different rack manufacturers enabled Denso and TCI to design EdgeCool to effectively adapt to the subtle design differences that are inherent to the most popular brands on the market. 

The EdgeCool’s innovative design is backed by two utility U.S. patents. The first patent protects the integration of the condenser unit within the server rack and how it transfers the internal heat away from the rack. The patented ducting method provides a simple and low-cost installation, and lends itself to accommodate most enclosed spaces. As a result of the condenser unit being installed within the rack, the EdgeCool is uniquely equipped with a powerful condenser fan capable of handling 1.0 IWG of static pressure for long duct runs to remove the heat being produced by the equipment inside the rack. The second patent pertains to the option of having a high-efficiency economizer that eliminates mechanical cooling during the winter months. Similar to the “free cooling” concept that is a common practice for large data centers, the patented economizer offers the benefits of free cooling to an individual rack.