The TriArmor System offers three layers of protection, starting with G-235 galvanized steel, the heaviest commercially-available galvanized steel. Universally recognized for its strength and durability, it offers excellent service life under normal operating conditions with proper maintenance and water treatment. The second layer is a thermosetting hybrid polymer baked onto the galvanized steel to create a durable barrier. This polymerized coating has been tested to withstand 6,000 hours in a 5% salt spray without blistering, chipping, or losing adhesion. The third layer, a Polyurethane Barrier, is a factory-applied, corrosion-resistant, impermeable coating that ensures a seamless basin. To help ensure leak-free longevity, microscopic chains of rubber-like resin molecules permanently bond tightly with one another and the thermosetting hybrid polymer. These three layers of protection form a bond for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and leak protection.

In addition to real-world testing over the past two decades, the TriArmor Corrosion Protection System has also been subjected to a series of rigorous corrosion tests, including an acid test (pH=4), an alkaline test (pH=11), a chloride level test, and a 5% salt spray test. Basins also endured heavy impact testing. Remarkably, there were no penetrations left in basins protected by the TriArmor System.