Valor Mission Critical commissioned the design team at Gensler to begin developing the Valor Dynamic Power Module (DPM). The patent pending Valor DPM is able to expand from the standard shipping width of 8 feet 6 inches up to 19 feet 6 inches depending on client needs. This allows the client to ship a larger-than-full-sized module on a standard flatbed truck without a wide load permit, escort requirements, or slowing traffic.  

Valor is manufacturing bump outs into the module that are expanded on-site after it is received. The unique expandability not only simplifies transportation but also reduces the number of modules needed by up to 40% over an entire project.  

The majority of modules to date sit on a continuous equipment pad. Valor Mission Critical finds that an unnecessary, expensive waste in time and resources, including concrete, rebar, and labor. The I-beam construction of the Valor DPM eliminates the need for a solid slab foundation. Units may be set on a traditional equipment pad that is continuous, piers, or port caissons.   

The modules are fully customizable inside and out, and units may be combined on-site with unlimited configuration options. Modules can be stacked side by side, end to end, or even up to four units tall.