Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are now available with native BACnet capabilities. These fan-powered, laminar-flow HEPA filter diffusers can now connect seamlessly to a building automation system (BAS) with no additional hardware to purchase or configure. Over a BACnet network, key performance parameters of the unit can be monitored and controlled, including filter status, run time, cfm output, motor rpm, and several others.

“We’re proud to add this valuable feature to our fan filter units, said Rob Haake, president of AJ Mfg. “Continual monitoring of a building’s FFUs over a BACnet system can ensure the units are performing properly at all times. That results in safer conditions in health care facilities and better quality control in laboratory and manufacturing environments, all with less disruptions and downtime.”

The Criti-Clean Ultra is a ceiling-mounted FFU that can deliver up to 1,200 cfm of HEPA-filtered air into a room. It also offers a low plenum height of 13.7 inches, allowing easy retrofitting into existing ceiling spaces. It can also be configured with built-in LED light strips to eliminate the need for additional light fixtures.