AUSTIN, Texas — Green Revolution Cooling along with Intel Corp. released a white paper titled: “The Sustainable Data Center Transformation: Reducing Carbon Footprint with Liquid Immersion Cooling,” describing the role cooling plays in energy use and can play in leading sustainability efforts.

The joint white paper outlines the challenges to sustainable power use in data centers and demonstrates the benefits of liquid immersion cooling in overcoming these hurdles. With three quarters of operators viewing sustainability as a competitive differentiator, this paper details the problems associated with increasing the compute resources needed in data centers, which consume more energy and rapidly expand an organization’s carbon footprint. Even data centers aware of this energy use challenge haven’t been able to move the needle in improving PUE, which has hovered around 1.6 for almost a decade.

Powering cooling infrastructure accounts for upward of 40% of a data center’s energy consumption. And, because 60% of the world’s electricity is still generated using fossil fuels, few operations are truly sustainable. Reducing the power utilized for cooling will create a more environmentally responsible data center environment, as well as decrease operational costs.

GRC and Intel are addressing the power-use problem by collaborating on integrated liquid immersion cooling solutions, which includes GRC immersion cooling products, Intel servers, and working with Intel-based OEM server providers, as well as validating the fluids used in immersion cooling.

“With sustainability on the minds of so many data center professionals, we are proud to collaborate with GRC to share how data centers can operate in a more sustainable way,” said Mohan Kumar, fellow at Intel. “Through this collaboration we are able to provide customers with solutions to meet their computing and cooling needs while increasing efficiency and reducing capital expenditures.”

“This white paper demonstrates the effectiveness our collaboration with Intel has on the design of an integrated ecosystem that enables data centers to more easily implement liquid immersion cooling,” said Peter Poulin, CEO at GRC. “Immersion cooling significantly reduces energy use and decreases costs. It’s exciting to collaborate with Intel to help data center owners and operators understand this key approach to operating with more sensitivity to environmental concerns.”