Pfannenberg announced its PQF Premium Quick Filter. This simple and innovative solution increases the life of equipment and reduces downtime by solving one of the most common problems causing equipment failure: overheating caused by a clogged airflow path.

Secure magnetic mounting on the exterior of the air inlet makes for quick and easy installation and replacement. Installation takes less than 5 seconds and requires no training or shutdown procedure. No drilling, tapping, or gluing is required, and the magnetic installation allows the filter to be installed vertically, horizontally, or in any other position to fit around the air inlet.

The design saves time by eliminating multiple trips to the warehouse to cut filter mat to size when changing out a clogged filter and eliminates messy washing of filters using harmful chemicals. Studies have shown up to 30% savings on time and labor for filter maintenance.

Each PQF roll has 60 perforated, disposable sheets providing enough filter replacement for up to one year. The PQF is available in three different lengths — 8, 12, and 16 inches — and is suitable for a variety of applications and air inlet sizes.