Semtech launched its CopperEdge product portfolio for use in next-generation 400G (4x100G) and 800G (8x100G) data center interconnects using copper cable and backplane interconnects. The CopperEdge GN8112 is the first product sampling in the portfolio.

As next-generation data center interconnects transition to 112 Gbps, PAM4 per lane to meet higher bandwidth and throughput demands, passive copper cables can only enable reaches of up to 1.5 meters. This severely limits the use cases of passive copper cables in data centers at 112 Gbps and has created a strong demand for active copper cables (ACCs) that extend the copper cable reaches to allow for the high-volume, switch-to-server connections. The CopperEdge GN8112 is a 112-Gbps, PAM4, quad-channel linear equalizer designed to enable low-cost, manufacturable ACCs that can deliver reaches of up to 5 meters over a copper twinaxial cable assembly. This reach extension enables ACCs to service the large volume 400G and 800G data center interconnects while offering ultralow power (< 0.75 W per 400G) and ultralow latency (< 10 ps).

“Building upon Semtech’s outstanding high-speed signal integrity expertise, the new CopperEdge product portfolio continues to offer valuable solutions that our customers need to meet current and future market demands, starting with the sampling release of the CopperEdge GN8112 quad linear equalizer,” said Julius Yam, market manager of data center products for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “The GN8112 can extend copper cable reaches up to 5 meters at 112-Gbps, PAM4 data rates with ultralow power and latency, as needed in cloud computing, AI and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. In addition, the GN8112 can also be used in backplane and onboard applications to extend the trace lengths of interconnects for reliable, high-speed communication between two end points.”