The InRow Economizer 300mm series is the newest close-coupled cooling solution from Schneider Electric and an optimal choice for edge and enterprise customers. It is available in economizer, twin-cool, air-cooled, and water-cooled options. The series consists of both indoor and outdoor parts. The Indoor (ACRH301S / P) is twin coil InRow and the outdoor (ACHU300 / 300-L) is a water-cooled condensing unit. It is available for data centers, edge data centers, and micro data centers.

The InRow Economizer 300mm series is designed for mission critical applications and data centers. 

The research involved in the design of the product centered around finding ways to achieve unmatched efficiency and versatility. It was ensured that the coil design for free cooling would be in compliance with Title 24 for North American markets.


InRow Economizer 300mm Series
Image courtesy of Schneider Electric


The unlimited energy efficiency and powerfully compact design makes the new InRow Economizer unit one of the most versatile and predictable cooling systems for next-generation energy efficiency and green (low carbon emission) data centers. Its integrated economizer provides free cooling, low power usage effectiveness (PUE), and increased return on investment (ROI). It includes up to 22-kW cooling capacity and a 120-m distance from InRow to the condensing unit, attributed to the compactness of the design. Marked as Green Premium Certified, it has a high energy efficiency and low carbon footprint, aligning with Schneider Electric’s commitment to delivering products with exceptional environmental performance. The Green Premium promises compliance with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental impacts, and circular and low-CO2 products.

The InRow Economizer’s sustainable design sets the standard for environmental responsibility within the mission critical industry. Additionally, the InRow Economizer promotes innovation within the industry through its many unique and useful features, which include maximum distance between the InRow and outdoor unity, the condensing model used to avoid water outside the white / IT space, its high-pressure components located outdoors, and high efficiency throughout. The InRow Economizer’s white space contains no oil and requires almost no service (the compressor check, VFD check, fire work to replace critical components, etc., happen outside of the whites pace).

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