The high-performance architecture of the Digi IX20 router provides automatic and software-selectable primary and backup WWAN connectivity over multi-carrier cellular LTE. Digi IX20 supports advanced security (stateful firewall, MAC filtering, and VPN), cellular redundancy, and management (SNMP, event logging, analyzer trace, and QOS), facilitating use in PCI or NERC-CIP compliant applications. FirstNet Ready models are designed to meet the demands of primary responders for critical communications. 

The Digi IX20 router with 450-MHz support is a full-featured, ruggedized cellular router that supports use in mission critical applications, such as utilities and public safety. The IX20 platform offers interchangeable Core Modem’s that can quickly adapt to customers’ needs and market opportunities. It comes equipped with standard two Ethernet ports and one RS-232 serial port with an option for Wi-Fi. This particular router model comes equipped with 450-MHz band support that provides increased coverage and better signal penetration, including in-building/indoor and underground deployments. 


IX20 4G LTE Router with 450 MHz Digi
Images courtesy of Digi


The key to critical communication systems is secure, reliable, and deterministic network connectivity. The Digi IX20 router is ideal for use in smart grid, smart city, and rural connectivity applications. In use cases like smart meters or EV charging stations, where the equipment is in geographically dispersed locations and in buildings, underground or both, the licensed 450-MHz band with its relatively low frequency compared to other cellular bands, increases range, and improves building and underground penetration.

Ken Bednasz, senior director of engineering for cellular products, Digi, wanted to select the correct platform that balanced performance and cost. The IX20 lineup is known for its ruggedized exterior. Because the routers are built for mission critical applications, the Digi team conducted various tests to ensure that the routers could withstand extreme temperatures (-40°  to 70° C) and measure the level of the cellular capabilities through manipulating RF to help simulate real-world scenarios.

One important feature that makes the IX20 router so unique is the interchangeable Core Modem, which provides the ultimate flexibility because cellular technology is constantly evolving.

“Take, for example, 5G deployment,” Bednasz said. ”By using our routers, when customers decide that they want to upgrade their equipment, we are able to make it happen with little to no interruption."

Second, because the router operates on a lower frequency, radio waves can better penetrate obstacles, such as foliage or buildings.

The IX20 router with 450 MHz band support can operate in both urban and rural environments. Customers operating in urban environments don’t need to worry about crowded radio waves and network disruptions. For rural customers, it can mean cost savings because they don’t need as many cell towers to efficiently operate.

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