Change can go unnoticed. Other times, it’s obvious. Sometimes, you can see it or hear it. Sometimes it’s a feeling — tangible or not. But, like the Tracy Lawrence song reminds us, “The only thing that stays the same is everything changes” — lyrics that resonate with the mission critical industry.

That’s because change is happening everywhere — from the design and construction materials, IT equipment, HVAC systems, and backup power solutions to the software solutions, infrastructure, and security systems.

Industry professionals are faced with contradicting demands — process more data faster, do it with less environmental impact, and get it done yesterday.

Luckily for them, change drives innovation.

Google the word, and this pops up:


    a new method, idea, product, etc.
    plural noun: innovations
    “technological innovations designed to save energy”

Was this example chosen to bring awareness to the seemingly impossible task mission critical manufacturers face? Who knows. But, what’s certain is that “technological innovations designed to save energy” are the inspiration behind the Top Tier Product Awards.

“The need for more sustainable solutions in the mission critical space is very dire,” said Sarah Harding, publisher, Mission Critical. “That’s why we’re proud to recognize the industry’s most cutting-edge products — innovations that will make it possible for us to reduce our carbon footprints safely, efficiently, and reliably at scale in a small space.”

This year’s contest embraces the very thing it was born of: change. New categories were introduced to reflect the current trajectory of the industry in order to identify those products that really are “ahead of the curve.”

The winners of Mission Critical’s 2022 Top Tier Product Awards offer the best in DC Power Disaster Preparedness, Generators, Power Systems, Routers, Safety, Security, Servers, Software, Thermal Management, and UPSs.

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EdgeCool 5 Series, Denso

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Tier 4 Final KD Series Generator, Kohler

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IX20 4G LTE Router with 450 MHz, Digi

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IOLAN SCG LWM Secure Console Server, Perle

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VACON NXP DCGuard, Danfoss

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Mast All Electric 16 Foot (MMAE16) Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP), MEC Aerial Work Platforms

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CyberSecure Monitoring, SolarEdge

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EdgeCool 5 Series, Denso

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InRow Economizer 300mm Series, Schneider Electric

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Liebert GXT5 Lithium-Ion, Vertiv

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