Advanced Energy Industries is expanding its presence in the industrial, robotics, and 5G telecom markets with the launch of the AE Artesyn AIF42 AC/DC converter. The new converter reduces system size, delivers 93% efficiency, and enhances reliability by minimizing the need for external components.

The AIF42 full-brick module is rated for 500 W of continuous power and provides integrated functionality that facilitates ease-of-use, rapid application design, and fast time-to-market. This includes a proprietary internal inrush current-limiting function, which saves space, reduces overall system cost, and improves reliability by eliminating the need for external components to provide inrush current protection. In addition, a 10-V auxiliary output enables low-power housekeeping circuitry to be supplied directly from the module rather than a second AC/DC power converter.

“AE’s new module is designed for applications that require high performance and reliable operation in harsh environments,” said Joe Voyles, vice president of marketing for industrial power conversion products at Advanced Energy. “The new AIF42 offers industry-leading efficiency, simplifies and speeds application design, and minimizes overall bill of materials by providing built-in, application-focused features.”

The converter’s high operating efficiency across a wide load range lowers energy consumption and minimizes heat dissipation. The module’s design is optimized for I.P.-sealed applications in high-pollution environments or externally mounted systems, which require solutions that are thermally bonded and contact-cooled to a cold-wall or heatsink. This results in 100% available output power at baseplate temperatures as high as 100ºC.

PMBus control and monitoring allow designers to optimize power supply operation to the specific needs of the target application. This connectivity can also be used to access information on power supply and system health during operation in the field.

Accommodating a wide universal input range of 90-264 VAC, the AIF42 full-brick module provides a nominal isolated 12-V output with load rating from 0 A to 42 A. An external hold-up function can be implemented through the addition of recommended capacitors to the module’s HVDC port. Active current share and start-sync functionality simplify solutions implementation for applications that require two units to operate in parallel.