BRISBANE, Australia — Zetron announced it has won a five-year contract from Queensland Rail to design, install, and provide ongoing support for a fully integrated voice recording solution.  As part of this new contract, Zetron will deploy two Eventide NexLog 840DX voice recorders at each of the three Queensland Rail Network Control Centre locations, and a single NexLog 740 DX logger at one of these locations. The system has been commissioned to record all Queensland Rail communications pertaining to the movement of trains, maintenance of track, and security-related matters. 

In addition to integrating with Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control platform, the logging system also works directly with Queensland Rail’s existing Tait Communications Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system and its legacy analogue radios to provide complete coverage across Queensland Rail’s vast communications network. The new logging solution will be integrated with Zetron’s ACOM Command & Control system, which has played an essential role for nearly 20 years in Queensland Rail’s centralized and distributed communications across the 6,600 kilometers of track and related infrastructure it owns, operates, and maintains. 

Neil Backer, Queensland Rail executive general manager of SEQ operations, said improving voice recording, logging ,and playback capabilities is a pivotal communication initiative. 

“This new, fully integrated system taps directly into our existing communications platforms and will improve performance, administration, and maintenance while enabling us to meet our compliance requirements for long-term, evidence-based recording,” Backer said. 

Key features of the newly integrated recording solution include the following.

  • Redundant recording systems at each location.
  • An archive server that stores recordings from all locations.
  • Ability to record a variety of communication types, including train radio, control lines, control telephones, emergency telephones, VoIP telephony, proprietary digital telephones, employee/incident hotlines, and more. 
  • Metadata recording for each call type, provided by call source. 
  • Access to voice recordings from authorized users on the Queensland Rail corporate network. 
  • Storage of all recordings for up to six months, after which they are deleted automatically (unless tagged for further investigation).

“Queensland Rail has been an important customer to Zetron for many years,” said Andy Hatcher, vice president, international sales for Zetron. “We were excited to partner with Eventide and Tait Communications to collaborate on a new solution that truly demonstrates the power and value of interoperability in multivendor mission critical communications.”