The TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Cooler is ideal for applications that demand a combination of energy efficiency and limited water use. Featuring a smart water management system, it can capture and reuse water.

High-efficiency pre-cooler pads are one component of the water management system, specially developed with a unique anti-stick, anti-algae, and UV-resistant coating to extend the life of the pads and deliver maximum heat rejection. In addition, the systems features a dual-pump recirculating system to ensure code compliance with ASHRAE Standard189.1, which forbids the use of once-through systems. Lastly, intuitive and intelligent controls continuously optimize operation based on real-time weather and load conditions. Multiple preset modes of operation are available to best fit the application at hand. These components work together to maximize water savings and achieve up to 20% energy savings. 

The TrilliumSeries combines the high reliability with low cost of ownership. Its proven design is used in thousands of BAC adiabatic units across the globe with millions of runtime hours. One of the reasons for its widespread usage is that the product is resilient in cold weather, running dry in sub-freezing temperatures to achieve reliable year-round operation. Continuous performance is facilitated by redundant fan and water distribution systems for maximum reliability.

Installation of the TrilliumSeries Cooler is quick and simple. Its single-piece lift requires no field assembly, allowing for easy rigging. Controls are preprogrammed at the factory and have a full-color touchscreen that provides an intuitive user experience. Its single-point power connection and seamless BMS integration ensure fast installation.

Maintenance is easy with access to all components from the outside of the unit. There are large doors to reach the water management system, and the easy-to-remove pads enable quick service. Automatic cleaning of the coils and pre-cooler pads by running the fans in reverse maintains peak performance. These features improve system reliability and longevity while offering peace of mind.