SENS partnered with ZincFive to offer an innovative plug-and-play generator starter solution as a drop-in replacement option for existing field installations and new OEM generators. ZincFive’s safe, power-dense nickel-zinc batteries offer unparalleled power delivery, a small footprint, high reliability, low cost, and significant sustainability advantages.  

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with ZincFive,” said Olen Scott, chief revenue officer for SENS. “SENS has been supplying battery chargers to the generator market for over 50 years, and we haven’t seen a battery that comes close to ZincFive’s in terms of the amount of starting power in such a small, lightweight, green, and robust package. ZincFive’s battery is fully recyclable, made wholly from nontoxic materials, and has a much lower carbon footprint than existing technologies, further supporting our customers in their own ESG initiatives. It comes as no surprise that the response from our customer community to a greener, entirely maintenance-free engine starting module that is backed up by a full 10-year replacement warranty has been extraordinary.”

“As we continue our rapid expansion into various high-power applications, such as data center UPSs, engine starting is a natural fit for the defining attributes of our battery,” said Tim Hysell, co-founder and CEO of ZincFive. “SENS is a trusted leader in this segment and has been a great partner throughout the product development and testing phases of our collaboration. We have no doubt that this partnership will make nickel-zinc the preferred battery technology for generator starting.”