Powering the Data Center Quiz

Power is one of the most important elements of the data center. Do you know everything you should to stay safe, keep your workloads running, and meet your ESG goals? Take this quiz to find out:

1. When building a data center, location to grid power is:
A. Critical and a prime consideration
B. An option to be considered in design
C. Not necessary if you are using renewables
2. PUE is:
A. Power Usage for Electrical
B. Power Unilaterally Equal
C. An internal metric
D. Total data center power delivered / IT power wasted
E. Misused and misquoted often
3. A PUE of 1 is:
A. the perfect data center
B. not achievable
C. depends on the power delivered
D. depends on power consumed
E. depends on the power source
4. Data center power…
A. Can only be measured with a DCIM
B. Can only be measured with an amp meter
C. Varies and is generally only delivered during peak hours
D. Is generally more expensive during peak hours
E. Is a necessary evil and there is no need to measure it
5. Stranded power is…
A. Power that is available at the power company but not in the data center
B. Power that is delivered over stranded cables
C. Power that is allocated but remains normally unused
D. Is a huge power waste across the industry
E. Is power that a company can purchase later
6. Power delivered to IT equipment is
A. AC power
B. DC power
C. Could be AC or DC
7. IT equipment :
A. Must always have backup power in the event of a failure
B. Must always be commissioned for the peak power
C. Could use peak shaving or node capping to control power
D. Should have at least 3 power delivery options
E. Must not be touched except by IT
8. When figuring overall data center power…
A. Include all IT equipment only
B. Include only facilities equipment
C. Include facilities equipment plus IT gear
D. Measure at the lowest consumption time of day
E. Include lighting, building, office and facilities and IT
9. To determine if power savings measures are saving on your power consumption…
A. You must use DCIM and it must be configured first
B. You must look at the building power meter and subtract IT loads
C. You must have a means to measure power
D. It’s fine just to look at your power bill
E. It’s not worth doing for smaller facilities
10. Data center power is:
A. The primary factor to use when sizing heat rejection equipment
B. Infinite in supply and therefore not necessary to monitor
C. Should always be backed up with a generator
D. A metric that should be examined often
E. Does not need to be measured or monitored if a center is on renewable energy
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