Yotta Infrastructure and Uptime Institute teams collaborated at multiple fronts to mitigate customer risk to the maximum extent.


Yotta Infrastructure Solutions is a new-age, managed data center provider that caters to the hosting requirements of both wholesale and retail customers. It was conceived to bridge the gap between huge demand and low supply for high-quality, hyperscale data centers in the country. The idea was to build ultra-scalable data center solutions that help companies grow unrestricted and uninterrupted.

The company is driven by its tremendous real estate acumen combined with comprehensive data center services and expertise and unparalleled power capability. It is also a 100% subsidiary of Hiranandani Group, a leading real-estate firm in India with access to large land parcels across the country and world-class construction, power generation, and distribution capabilities. The Yotta Infrastructure team has vast expertise in digital infrastructure design, engineering, execution, and operations. This combination of real-estate expertise and data center execution has enabled Yotta Infrastructure to leverage large economies of scale and build a highly cost-effective proposition while delivering Uptime Institute Tier IV-certified quality to hyperscalers for their wholesale colocation needs and, at the same time, offers quality digital infrastructure to enterprises and governments.

The Yotta Infrastructure Difference

Yotta Infrastructure has always focused on delivering scalability, quality, innovation, and economies of scale ranging from data center infrastructure and operational practices to products and services. And its goal is to be able to deliver better solutions and services than existing players in the country.

“Yotta’s vision is to deliver the best quality data center services to its customer at the most reasonable costs. We made this possible via our group capabilities of real-estate ownership, execution acumen, power generation, and distribution capabilities,” said Sunil Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Yotta Infrastructure. “Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility further validates our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to the nation.”

The Uptime Institute Solution

With that in mind, Yotta Infrastructure moved forward working with Uptime Institute on a Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) for the initial pre-construction planning and design of its NM1 facility in Mumbai. Following this, they pursued a Tier certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) for the data center, which finished in 2021. Yotta NM1 is India’s first and only data center to earn Uptime Institute’s Tier IV certification and is also the country’s largest data center in terms of rack capacity and power offered.

“Any single point of failure in power and cooling systems or various supporting systems (including structural, civil, automation, and others) will not bring down a customer’s rack or infrastructure at any point in time. Equally stringent are the criteria that ensure safety if there is an incident of fire at any place within the data center. Full power and cooling will continue to the rack for at least one hour, even during an active fire,” said N. K. Jain, chief technical advisor at Yotta Infrastructure.

With this end objective of fault-tolerant design as per global standards, Yotta created a Tier IV facility with just 25% extra CapEx required compared to a Tier III design. Yotta Infrastructure chose unconventional data center designs and went through a highly detailed evaluation from the Uptime Institute team. Achieving Uptime Institute’s Tier IV TCDD and TCCF for NM1, while still keeping the space usage and overall costs at an optimized level, required an out-of-the-box design approach. Yotta Infrastructure believes that the efforts have paid off well. In fact, the Yotta NM1 data center won the title of Best APAC Data Center in Datacloud’s 2021 Global Awards program.

Yotta Infrastructure and Uptime Institute teams collaborated at multiple fronts to mitigate customer risk to the maximum extent. The first of its kind in the country, the Yotta NM1 data center was a unique project, and the process to complete and certify it combined the extensive domain expertise of both teams and intensive knowledge sharing from start to finish. Uptime Institute’s digital infrastructure expertise across geographies and experience undertaking thousands of projects worldwide helped Yotta ensure the innovative project met all necessary requirements.