Littelfuse introduced the Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor Protection Thyristor Series, which safeguards exposed interfaces in industrial and ICT applications, including RS-485 data interfaces and AC/DC power supplies. Providing equipment in harsh environments with increased protection from severe overvoltage transients assists designers in complying with regulatory requirements.
Available in a compact, DO-214AB (SMC) package, the Pxxx0S3N series is designed to provide 3 kA (8/20) high-power surge protection with low thermal accumulation during long-term overvoltage events. A vital advantage of it is that the switching voltage (VS) is much lower than gas discharge tubes (GDT), and the on-state voltage (VT) is much lower than metal oxide varistors (MOV) and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes.
The Pxxx0S3N is ideal for use in various applications where hazardous environments exist, including AC/DC power lines in factory automation, industrial, and ICT applications; power interface of energy storage systems (ESS); solar energy systems DC/AC inverters; and UPS/AC high-power distribution grid. systems.
“Ongoing product miniaturization requirements result in an increasing demand for compact, high-power-density solutions,” said Ben Huang, senior product marketing manager / protection semiconductor business at Littelfuse. “Compared to MOVs and TVS diodes, the Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor is significantly smaller, and it is the first product of its size to provide such high surge current protection in such a small package.”