The rack-mounted SmartZone UPS portfolio focuses on high reliability, density, efficiency, and secure manageability. This UPS range offers models with varying power ratings, configurations, and batteries to meet custom requirements. The offerings include 1- to 3-kVA line interactive and double-conversion with a lithium-ion battery and 1- to 3-kVA, 5- to 10-kVA, and 10/15/20-kVA double-conversion with a lead-acid battery. 

The intelligent UPS interfaces with the Panduit SmartZone Cloud Next Generation DCIM solution to manage, monitor, and control power, environmental, security, connectivity, and IT assets. SmartZone Cloud collects and processes real-time data to closely oversee these channels and sends alerts for potential failures to reduce the risk of costly outages.  

Panduit also offers many SmartZone UPS accessories including external battery packs, battery cartridges, intelligent network management cards, environmental and security sensors, and a relay card.