DALLAS — Aligned Data Centers announced the integration of OriginMark, an enhanced material traceability system, across its data center portfolio to accelerate supply chain decarbonization and circular asset management. Further bolstering the Aligned Insight platform and advancing its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, the technology will provide Aligned and its customers a more transparent and granular view of their embodied carbon footprints by tracing the complete life cycle of data center equipment and devices as well as identifying material recovery and recycling options.

By virtue of OriginMark’s material traceability and unique assembly relationship data structure, valuable embodied carbon data can be computed based on an aggregate total and origination of materials inside the individual components, whether that’s a single uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a data center, or a customer’s multi-location presence across Aligned campuses. 

“Today’s hyperscale companies and cloud providers have set aggressive sustainability and carbon reduction targets focused on achieving net-zero emissions in the very near future,” said Phill Lawson-Shanks, chief innovation officer at Aligned. “Having transparency into the environmental impact of their global data center footprint is critical to realizing these goals. saBy deploying enhanced material traceability across our data center campuses, Aligned will be able to combine robust carbon footprint quantification data with our energy-efficient platform and renewable energy options.”

As Aligned continues to roll out the material traceability program across its data center portfolio, the company will also work closely with its trusted partners across the Aligned vendor managed inventory (VMI) program to utilize the OriginMark technology during the construction of new builds and expansion of existing infrastructure. The Aligned Insight platform will enable the company and its partners to identify the embodied carbon, and manage the circularity of their products, including generators, power distribution units (PDUs), and UPSs as well as other components that go into data center construction and operation.

“This industrial ecological initiative will enhance our circular approach to material consumption and production, improving the operational effectiveness and sustainability of our adaptive, intelligent infrastructure, further accelerating the zero-carbon transition of Aligned as well as our customers,” Lawson-Shanks said. “Environmental alignment across our supply chain is critical to our comprehensive net-zero strategy, which addresses both direct and indirect emissions.”

In addition to its highly efficient Delta cooling technology and historic sustainability-linked financing, Aligned also recently partnered with nZero (formerly Ledger8760) to offer transparent and accurate data of their operational carbon footprint, which will better inform the sustainability strategies of both the company and its customers.