In case you missed our e-blast announcement that deployed in late March, I wanted to share the our Code Green announcement with you.

I was thinking of ways to celebrate International Data Center Day, and I felt like I was coming up short. I realized that I don’t have a data center to give anyone a tour of or any cutting-edge IT equipment to demo, but I do have hair. So, I decided to dye it green.

With 7x24 Exchange Intl.’s “Power of One” campaign in mind, I thought this would be a perfect way to raise awareness of the data center industry with the general public. Whenever someone asks me why I picked this color or if I lost a bet, I tell them I’m going green for International Data Center Day. I have had some interesting conversations so far, and I plan to share the highlights with you in a future column.

I had no idea the brand would go green with me, but the entire staff here at Mission Critical supports International Data Center Day and the industry at large. That’s why we want to share your stories. Email me to tell me how you celebrated International Data Center Day or how you plan to celebrate if you haven’t already. I also want to hear what you’re doing to promote sustainability. You can send a video, a blog, a picture with a caption, or whatever you’d like.

Even though our logo will go back to normal at the end of the month, our mission doesn’t stop there. Just like International Data Center Day, Code Green will be recognized all year. That means you can share your story with me any time.

I'm excited to hear from you, and I know that the rest of the industry is too.