My journey toward a career in the data center industry began after holding several roles in which I helped customers solve complex challenges within the chemical processing, air and gas systems, and HVAC industries. This includes several leadership positions and roles in sales, marketing, and general management, where I promoted industrial equipment and HVAC product lines. I have always been fascinated by the constant innovation of mechanical systems and how they help make industrial processes more efficient while also helping drive business outcomes.

Those prior roles led me to joining Johnson Controls in 2018. In my starting role, I supported service growth of the building technologies and solutions business. After a few years, I began to apply equipment and international air distribution products. These roles allowed me to work directly with the people and technologies that help advance data center operations daily. It was here my passion for data center technologies was born — I understood my role in helping Johnson Controls be a champion of data center sustainability by improving operational efficiencies.   

In recent years, I have become much more focused on supporting the data center industry. This is, in part, due to the exponential growth of the hyperscale cloud industry and the demand for more sustainable technologies. In my current role as vice president and general manager of data center solutions, I have profit and loss responsibility and focus on strengthening competitive advantages, driving sustainable growth, and maximizing financial returns. I’m helping Johnson Controls not only strengthen the solutions we offer but build a stronger, more focused team to serve this industry. 

Since the recent Johnson Controls acquisition of Silent-Aire, we have become uniquely positioned to support data center leaders in meeting sustainability goals by designing and deploying cooling and air distribution solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and productivity. It’s my responsibility to ensure my team has the experience and capability to deliver these solutions as global integrated programs at scale to our hyperscale partners.

Right now, part of my role is to think beyond singular projects and focus on investing in ongoing partnerships. I spend time carefully listening to our data center customers, so we can best support them as they redefine data centers and their energy profiles. I’m excited my journey has brought me here and I’m enjoying this front row seat in the revolution of our approach, as well as the evolution of design for data centers.