Airedale’s IoT-enabled software framework, IQity, provides a blueprint for intelligent data center cooling at the product, system and site level to safeguard uptime and sustainability. IQity serves as a digital framework, transforming individual plant items, like chillers and precision coolers, into intelligent systems that flex with their environment and work as one to ensure critical cooling delivers high availability at the lowest cost. IQity also contains powerful site optimization tools that give holistic insights to whole facilities and entire fleets. IQity manages normal operations, but, when things go wrong, it steps in automatically, restoring critical cooling to servers and running unique cause diagnostics to give peace of mind to operators. With the ability to monitor operational patterns at pace and to a level of detail beyond the human eye, tools within the framework can identify the source of likely breakdowns before they occur. Systems are automatically restored quickly and safely following power interruptions, and the root causes of failure events are analyzed with accurate sequence mapping available within milliseconds. The framework developed with a “defense in depth” mindset when it comes to cybersecurity, recognizing that data centers are critical pieces of national infrastructure. All products, systems, and software platforms are protected by robust security protocols.