Rolls-Royce delivered three mission critical mtu diesel generator sets for two Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) facilities in Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan, to provide emergency backup power in the event of a power interruption. IHHN is a not-for-profit health care network that relies on public and corporate donations and grants to provide free and quality health care to millions of patients. Rolls-Royce provided the generator sets at cost to IHHN.

An mtu 18V2000 DS1400 generator set was delivered to IHHN’s Korangi Campus in Karachi and both an mtu 16V4000 DS2500 and 16V2000 DS1100 generator set to the IHHN - Qarshi Foundation, Naimat Saleem Trust & SM Pervez Campus in Lahore.

“We have done an extensive study of all reputable genset manufacturers and selected mtu gensets from Rolls-Royce due to their high fuel efficiency and excellent sales and aftersales support from R.A. Engineering & Services here in Pakistan,” said Sajid Hazrat Khan, electrical managers, IHHN.

“The gensets offer a high availability and reliability of power with long maintenance intervals. These technical and performance capabilities of the mtu gensets, along with low life cycle costs made Rolls-Royce the best choice for IHHN”, said Bahir Olcay from Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Starting with only one hospital in Karachi in 2007, IHHN now owns and manages five hospitals and has eight managed by the network under the umbrella of public-private partnership. In addition are four regional blood centers, four physical and rehabilitation centers, Pakistan’s largest pediatric oncology unit, primary care centers, and a large number of public health initiatives across the nation.

IHHN has set up container-based community health centers in Sindh and Punjab, including a "boat clinic" to serve the population of Southern Punjab. The network is currently serving more than 450,000 patients monthly.

“Surveillance cameras can sometimes freeze, glitch, or be otherwise temperamental — requiring a reboot,” Bouvattier said. “With our existing setup, we had to send staff out to reset and reboot cameras regularly. This needed to change. On paper, the cameras we were using had power requirements of 30 W. However, we found that they sometimes operated erratically unless at least 60 W of power was available. A standard PoE switch would not be enough. We needed a PoE switch that supported IEEE 802.3bt.”

The Perle IDS-710HP-XT was the solution. Able to provide up to a total of 450 W of power across its eight ports to connected devices, it was also small enough to fit into discreet enclosures that blend in with the surrounding architecture. And, the PD power reset feature provides an easy way for the surveillance cameras to be remotely rebooted at any time.

With operating temperatures of minus 40° to 158°F, extensive management features, secure authentication methods, and network connectivity through two SFP slots supporting 1G/2.5G fiber or 10/100/1000 copper, the IDS-710HP PoE Switch will fit into any environment where extensive security and network interoperability are required.