Eaton is once again taking children of all ages behind the scenes of innovation with its new children’s book, “What is a customer service engineer?” 

The third installment in Eaton’s series brings readers inside the world of Honey, a young honey badger, as she shadows her uncle, an Eaton field technician who shows her the important role and special skill set of a customer service engineer. As Honey follows Uncle Mike to the training center and his appointments around town, she learns the important role he plays in keeping everything from data centers and hospitals to her favorite clothing store up and running every day.

Preceded by “What does an IT pro do?” and “What is a data center?”, the newest book in Eaton’s series seeks to introduce STEM-interested children to the varied and interesting career paths available in the world of technology. Authored by Eaton Senior Marketing Communications Manager Mike DeCamp, “What is a customer service engineer?” is filled with fun references for the savvy reader and showcases the action-packed days of customer service engineers who help make what matters work.