Turntide Technologies launched Turntide for Strategic Machines, a customizable full-stack hardware and software solution that improves energy efficiency and adds intelligence, controls, and automation to any commercial HVAC systems, pumps, and fans. Turntide now partners with OEMs to integrate its Smart Motor System and transform its products into connected, data-driven machines that accelerate customer sustainability goals and create new service revenue streams.

At the center of Turntide for Strategic Machines is the new TX motor. This intelligent motor features a unique pancake design that is lightweight and ideal for use in equipment with limited space and/or high-torque requirements, such as axial fans in data centers. Its IoT capabilities enable automated commissioning, remote monitoring, and fault detection. Real-time data streams from the connected motor offer insights into equipment performance and present opportunities for new aftermarket recurring revenue streams, such as equipment-as-a-service subscriptions and condition-based service contracts. OEMs can also use the data insights to accelerate product improvement timelines and bring more innovative products to market with a lower total cost of ownership and improved reliability.

Turntide motors are free of the rare earth minerals, which reduces both the environmental impact of the motors and geopolitical supply chain risks. 

The company also announced a custom development partnership with XNRGY Climate Systems for the design, development, and manufacturing of a leading-edge, proprietary fan array system. This system combines XNRGY's innovative technology with Turntide's TX motor and patented Smart Motor System to create a unique, highly sustainable fan and cooling system for use in mission critical, temperature-controlled environments, including hyperscale and modular data centers, biotech labs, health care facilities, semiconductor clean rooms, and manufacturing plants.

Data centers use nearly 2% of the world’s energy production, and their energy demand is set to increase eightfold — to 3,200 terawatt-hours (TWh) by 2030. On average, 40% of this energy is used by cooling systems to ensure the facility remains operational 24/7.

Turntide is supported by a global coalition of investors committed to climate action, including Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition, the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, Fifth Wall’s Climate Technology Fund, BMW iVentures, and JLL Spark.