FNT GraphicCenter is an intelligent solution component for the visualization and analysis of infrastructure and service data. Fully integrated within the FNT Command platform, it utilizes technology from yWorks to provide a graphical representation of networks, infrastructures, and services as well as IT assets, resources, and their interrelationships. As FNT GraphicCenter makes it easy to identify patterns, analyze data faster, and better understand relationships within infrastructures and networks, companies can make knowledge-based decisions faster and more accurately despite increasing network complexity. FNT Command enables companies to analyze and plan their hybrid IT, data centers, and network infrastructures via a centralized, uniform data model, while the GraphicCenter allows captured data and relationships to be easily viewed through interactive graphs and diagrams. Users can access a variety of preconfigured templates for visualizations within the GraphicCenter. Additionally, they can configure their own visualizations according their specific needs to support common use cases, such as depicting complex network topologies from various network technologies and layers.