Perle Systems launched IOLAN Firmware v6 for all IOLAN SCG Console Servers to enhance secure out-of-band (OOB) management capabilities. By adding new functionality that includes full routing capabilities with support for Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), and Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP), Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), two-factor authentication (2FA), integrated firewall, and advanced failover to multiple networks, the IOLAN SCG Console Servers now provide a robust solution to keep data centers and enterprise networks running around the world. The modular design of the IOLAN SCG provides support for both RS232 RJ45 and USB admin ports. The optionally integrated Wi-Fi, V.92 modem, and 4G LTE provide multiple alternate access methods to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot critical network devices as well as transmit data from mission critical equipment over LTE and wireless LAN networks. To simplify management and respond swiftly to issues, network administrators can use Perle's cloud-based centralized management solution to put their IT infrastructure into a single application for secure, reliable access and visibility during normal operations and critical network failures. Scalable to suit any business requirement, cloud centralized management reduces human error and guarantees repeatability. The IOLAN SCG also has built-in fault-tolerant capabilities. Redundant Path technology ensures availability to console management ports through Active Standby or Dual Network Access modes. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRPv3) enables a group of devices to form a single virtual device to provide network redundancy. And, the dual AC power supply ensures console management is available even if the primary power source fails. With advanced network security features, recognized authentication schemes, and leading-edge data encryption tools, IT administrators can feel confident that network data transmissions, and all access to the console management ports on IT equipment, is secure. This makes the IOLAN SCG Console Servers an ideal OOB management solution for IT equipment located in data centers or remote locations.