AMSTERDAM — GNX and Secher Security join forces to provide worldwide enterprise-grade connectivity and security services. 

“Reliable and secure networking is the top priority for each and every global company," said Ivan Miney, director of sales at GNX. "Enterprises need to have an easily manageable, robust, and secure underlay infrastructure that supports their key business requirements. That is where GNX and Secher Security come into play.” 

“We give the client the control back," said Kristian Secher-Johnsen, CEO and security advisor at Secher Security. "They get accessibility to the entire infrastructure. With WAN optimization, SD-WAN connection, and a global SaaS solution, they get flexibility. managed detection and response (MDR)  really changes the game and optimize security, antivirus, and pattern control. It is easy to change the settings and scale with the entire business and growth.” 

Secher Security will provide security services that will support GNX, helping its customers to make the next step towards truly secure IP-networking by implementing SD-WAN or SASE global networks.

“Helping our customers navigate the complex landscape of global connectivity is our key strength at GNX. Secher will add value at the security side of things,” Miney said.