With Cyxtera Smart Cabinets, it’s no longer necessary for customers to make tradeoffs when weighing the benefits of colocation against those of public cloud models — they can deploy into colocation with the speed and scale of the cloud without sacrificing the performance and security of dedicated infrastructure. 

By leveraging the self-service customer portal or API, customers can instantly deploy and dynamically configure their end-to-end colocation infrastructure in a cloud-like, on-demand model with direct access to a robust ecosystem of technology and service providers available across the company’s global platform. The cabinets are integrated with Cyxtera’s scalable, secure network fabric. They also offer access to network connectivity from the company’s on-demand Layer 3 bandwidth solution, IP Connect, enabling customers to achieve rapid connectivity in an as-a-service model without requiring them to bring in additional network hardware or incur further capital expenditures to get started.

“Customer-centered innovation has been at the core of the solutions Cyxtera has developed since the company was founded, and this approach has enabled us to offer customers the ability to more easily consume our data centers,” said Randy Rowland, Cyxtera’s Chief Operating Officer. “Simply put, Cyxtera Smart Cabinet empowers customers to consume traditional colocation services at the speed of cloud. Our smart cabinet solution represents what we believe is a revolutionary step forward for customers that are looking to deploy their infrastructure in a resilient, secure colocation environment with the live network fabric already built into the cabinet.” 

Customers of all sizes, whether they are large enterprises, SMBs, or service providers, can fully automate the delivery, installation, and configuration of their colocation infrastructure into these smart cabinets, as well as the design and deployment of their network architecture using Cyxtera’s digital exchange. 

Among the various use cases for organizations to utilize smart cabinets are:

  • Extending infrastructure by leveraging the digital exchange platform to create a unified environment that seamlessly connects deployments across colocation, public and private clouds, and on-premises data centers.
  • Rapidly provisioning and deploying infrastructure as a backup to primary environments.
  • Leveraging the financial and operational flexibility of Cyxtera’s ecosystem of more than 240 technology providers, including bare metal servers, enterprise storage services, and networking solutions.