Raritan’s MasterConsole (MCD-DUAL) is the new dual-head Cat5 KVM switch line in the MCD product family. The dual-monitor KVM switch enables a single user to manage and control multiple dual-head devices and support borderless mouse switching. MCD-DUAL can be cascaded with MCD-DUAL KVM switches to manage up to 64 servers at distances up to 150 feet. It features the use of standard Category 5/6/6e unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cables for connecting computers. You can also switch ports by mouse movement, hotkeys, or on-screen display (OSD). There are two models: MCD-104-DUAL and MCD-108-DUAL to manage four or eight dual-head servers or PCs respectively. Both models support stereo audio by using MCD VGA combo cables or MCD HDMI CIMs. They also allow the sharing of two displays between multiple dual-display computers, supporting configurations such as screen duplication and extended-view modes to fit multiple use cases.