DALLAS — CircleGxZyter, and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. announced they will be collaborating to drive digital equity with broadband infrastructure in Dallas County communities in an effort to drive accessibility for use across education, health care, emergency services, businesses, and more. Circle Gx will be deploying a fixed wireless broadband network called the “Planted Circle” in communities of Dallas County. The network will initially begin with the deployment of more than 20 LTE Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) cell sites powered by Qualcomm RAN Platforms, and will include smart lighting, with both outdoor and indoor CPEs featuring a Qualcomm Fixed Wireless Access Platform with a potential path to 5G in the future. The funding for this project is provided by CircleGx.

In the Planted Circle project, Zyter will deploy, manage, monitor, and operate the city’s private fixed wireless broadband network on the Zyter SmartSpaces IoT platform. As a key collaborator with Qualcomm Technologies for the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program ecosystem, the SmartSpaces platform breaks down silos of information by integrating and consolidating data from IoT devices and applications in a seamless interface.  

Digital smart lights and sensor platforms for Smart Cities, provided by Juganu, come equipped with Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE infrastructure components designed to transform each light into a mobile hotspot so that Dallas citizens may have a strong data connection virtually everywhere they go in the community. In addition, the smart lights are built with citizen safety in mind. For example, each light will change color in the event of an emergency call so that the lights can guide first responders to the exact location of the person in need.

According to the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, more than 42 million American households lack access to the internet, and the pandemic brought the need for accelerated digital transformation to center stage, emphasizing that connectivity technologies, such as internet access, are critical to closing the digital divide and increasing digital equity in communities. The facilitation of the next generation network will support local Dallas County consumers and businesses by helping to make affordable and accessible broadband services available.

Through the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite, Qualcomm Technologies has acted as a catalyst in enabling the accessibility and ease of deployment for cities and municipalities looking to adopt end-to-end smart solutions, fueling the digital transformation of cities and deployment of critical infrastructure for connectivity. Whether it’s to support city infrastructure, education, hybrid-work environments, health care, or transportation, connectivity is crucial, and CircleGx, Zyter, and Qualcomm Technologies are committed to contributing to support the need for connectivity in Dallas communities and other areas across the country.

“Dallas County is committed to close the digital broadband gap, especially in Southern Dallas County,” said John Wiley Price, Dallas County commissioner. “I am personally pleased to see the potential progress toward more equitable broadband access. We are pleased to welcome the investment of CircleGx and the contributions from Qualcomm Technologies and Zyter, and look forward to seeing success in bringing broadband infrastructure to Dallas County.”

“Forty-two percent of Dallas residents lack access to broadband services, and it is imperative that we work together for solutions that unlock economic opportunities in underserved areas,” said Carolyn King Arnold, Dallas County Council member. “I am pleased to welcome Circle Gx and Qualcomm Technologies to support the rollout to 20 new sites that can serve up to 40,000 households in underserved areas in the city of Dallas. The collaborative efforts of our office with contributions from companies, like Circle Gx, Zyter and Qualcomm Technologies, will support opportunities and drive equitable innovation in our community.”  

“We are pleased to be supporting CircleGx and Zyter as they rollout critical infrastructure and solutions in Dallas County, Texas, which will prove transformational for city residents and businesses, helping to make connectivity accessible and equitable across the community,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and global head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. “This project is as an example of what communities can replicate when collaborating with the 400-plus ecosystem members in the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, and I expect these integral end-to-end solutions to be a key part of future city infrastructure rollouts.” 

"The digital divide adversely impacts consumers’ and businesses’ ability to maximize their potential,” said Peter Goodwin, CircleGx founder and CEO. “We will deliver affordable access to 5G network technologies, empowering our communities by driving broadband access, financial service innovations, education, and security. Affordable connectivity benefits the greater good."

“Today, internet connectivity is a basic requirement of everyday life to support hybrid work environments and online delivery of services for digital health care, education, entertainment, shopping, and more,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and chief executive officer, Zyter Inc. “Zyter is proud to collaborate with CircleGx and Qualcomm Technologies in bridging the digital gap by making broadband more accessible and affordable for all homes and businesses in the Dallas metro area. The Zyter SmartSpaces platform will also provide an IoT-enabled connectivity backbone for the city’s smart infrastructure as it evolves in the future.”