ABB has further developed NeoGear switchgear, eliminating hazardous exposure to live parts. The arc ignition protected zone keeps maintenance personnel safe when performing routine work and repairs while also reducing the risk of arcs caused by mechanical failures — one of the most serious safety risks that switchgear operators encounter. The recently introduced four-pole version, as well as the upcoming 690-V version, make NeoGear a very attractive solution for numerous market segments and industries, including data centers and critical infrastructure, where the highest safety standards and reliability are essential and where reduced physical footprint and weight reduction are key benefits. The expanded digital capabilities of NeoGear include real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, remote assistance, fault and solutions diagnostics, and data analytics for Industry 4.0. Furthermore, ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for Electrical Systems (CMES) is also included to help customers gain additional operational efficiencies and harness unprecedented flexibility in their operations.