The Project

Lasco Interiors used DynaMax™ structural aluminum grid system for their Austin data center project with excellent efficiency.  According to Angel Reyes, superintendent with Lasco Interiors, “they were able to actually stick frame it, and get 2,300 sq. ft. production with only 3 installers in just 3 days.”  The entire data hall was laid out on a 2’x2’ grid with repeating 4’x4’ openings down the center of the room. Going wall-to-wall with the 4’x4’ openings in the middle, made it simple to prepare for hot aisle containment areas to be added. Later they will go back and take out most of the 4' cross tees so they can create 20' long by 4' wide hot aisle containment zones and use 4' and 2' cross tees to frame out alternating 5'6” modules that will receive panels between the hot aisle containment runs. 

How DynaMax is Different

DynaMax main beams and cross tees are easy to assemble because they include factory-applied notches that align with the ribs/nubs in the hanging brackets, which serve as a layout stick for cross tee placement.  No measuring required!  With DynaMax, the contractor had options--efficiently stick frame all grid members in the air or prefabricate modular 4x12’ ladders on the ground.  Both are outstanding time-savers.  In this case, the entire system was stick-framed. 

DynaMax is the only complete ceiling system for data centers, including specially-sized panels, and offering lighting, diffusers, and containment systems through our partners.  The DynaMax system also comes with an industry-leading 10-year structural grid warranty for added peace of mind.

We’re Here to Help

Another key to Lasco’s success in this data center project was the hands-on assistance from the Armstrong Installation Specialist.  Since this was the contractor’s first time using this system, their local Installation Specialist visited the jobsite several times to help them get the project kicked off, and to provide extra tips and information. 

The Result?

The owner and subcontractor couldn’t be happier with the DynaMax complete ceiling system, which helped them get off the job faster while reducing labor.


Project Type: Data Center

Size: 2,300 sq. ft.

Location: Austin, TX

Contractor: Lasco Interiors

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