The ICEraQ Series 10 delivers a PUE of less than 1.03 and reduces server power by up to 20% (by disabling or removing server fans). The modular design allows units to be positioned end-to-end, saving floor space. It features an integrated containment area, eliminating the need for external containment decks, and is designed to optimize floor space utilization, allowing for the greatest number of racks without a walkway. CDU capacity is 200 kW with warm water and up to 368 kW with chilled water. 

The Series 10’s racks have 42U of space for servers and can accommodate up to four PDUs mounted at the rear of the rack. All ITE networking and power connections are easily accessible simply by opening the top lid — no tools required. The smaller footprint cools 2,200 watts per square foot with warm water and even more with chilled water, quadrupling the previous ICEraQ offering. 

To further provide cooling peace-of-mind, the Series 10 control system monitors for leaks and provides real-time information on water and coolant temperatures as well as pressure, coolant pump power consumption, and coolant pump speed. To maintain consistent cooling without the data center manager intervening, the internal logic adjusts pump speed to maintain optimal performance with the least possible power use. Internal logic can also assess system health and provides early fault detection.