Sensaphone offers sensors that measure airflow and differential pressure in cooling towers, air- and water-cooled chillers, air handlers, refrigeration units, power generators, control rooms, clean rooms, computer rooms, and data centers.  

The sensors are compatible with most Sensaphone monitoring devices, which provide the necessary alerting and data logging functionality. When a sensor detects a reading outside of the programmed high or low limit, the user will receive instant notification. 

The Sensaphone Duct Mount Air Flow Transmitter measures the rate of airflow by monitoring the presence or absence of cool moving air. It measures relative airflow from 0 to 16 meters per second.

The Sensaphone Differential Pressure Sensor measures air pressure in two areas and indicates if there is a difference between the readings. This sensor is ideal for applications where a specific air pressure differential must be maintained to prevent a vacuum upon opening a door that could pull dust or other pollutants into the space. The sensor is sold with a kit that allows measurements to be taken in ductwork or from a wall-mounted unit to measure both differential and static ambient room pressure.