WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The unification of two, high-profile South Florida-based technology associations has just been announced. Tech Hub, launched in 2015 as Palm Beach Tech, and Tech Lauderdale, originally formed as South Florida Technology Alliance, formed in 1995. The two organizations will combine forces to form an expanded entity with a unified mission to promote technology and innovation in an effort to continue building South Florida’s tech hub. The new organization, South Florida Tech Hub, will service technology-focused industries in four South Florida counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin. The integration is expected to be finalized by early October.

Record numbers of regionally based startups have recently launched, and blue-chip industry leaders are increasingly moving or expanding their operations to South Florida. South Florida Tech Hub will share a vast trove of resources to continue servicing this dynamic community through several strategic initiatives, including education, diversity, career resources, corporate collaboration, government and policy, and membership growth. An immediate priority for South Florida Tech Hub is to broaden the board to include a more representative, culturally diverse face of the tech industry within the region. 

“Technology is the future, and I believe our region is at the forefront of the economic transformation that is occurring,” said Michael Fowler, vice president of IT at Florida Power & Light, and co-chair of South Florida Tech Hub.  “This is a unique opportunity to unify the tech community in South Florida and work together to attract both startups and high-profile companies to our region.”

The unification of the two organizations was proposed and largely facilitated by Nikki Cabus, a rising leader in South Florida’s technology scene. Cabus has a unique perspective, as she has had leadership positions in both organizations. 

“The combination of Tech Lauderdale’s 25-plus year successful track record and long history in South Florida tech, along with the fresh, innovative, dynamic approach that Tech Hub offers, allows the best of both worlds to our member partners,” said Cabus. “Our combined goals are: present a unified focus, make a bigger impact, and increase our collective efficiency to service our member partners.”

“As we combine these two organizations, we will better position South Florida Tech Hub to promote the growth, connectivity, and awareness of the technology ecosystem throughout South Florida,” said Louis Balbirer, co-chair at South Florida Tech Hub. “This combined organization, with over 25 years of history, will have the experience and resources to provide world-class programming, including networking events, workshops, conferences, as well as education advocacy to support all parts of our technology community.”