HERNDON, Va. —  EdgeConneX announced its partnership with Opus Interactive. The partnership enables additional edge-based cloud solutions for enterprises across the EdgeConneX global footprint. This includes Opus Interactive cloud migration with options ranging from dedicated bare metal environments to variable hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, OpusCloud, and more.

"As more data goes online, workloads are being distributed across a hybrid ecosystem that oftentimes integrates multiple clouds," said Shannon Hulbert, CEO of Opus Interactive. "Vendors with expertise in supporting holistic enterprise builds that match workload to hybrid and multi-cloud component by performance, compliance, and budget needs of the organization are hard to locate. Taking it a step further and finding a partner with a tenure of proven performance that also meets our own sustainable IT goals is an added hurdle. A premier edge data center provider with a longstanding philosophy of bringing the edge to its customers, EdgeConneX was a natural partnership fit. We’re excited for what this partnership means to expanding climate-positive cloud all the way out to the edge."

EdgeConneX and Opus Interactive customers can realize immediate benefits including the following.

  • EdgeConneX Data Center Solutions — An established global platform of hyperlocal to hyperscale data center facilities in over 40 markets worldwide connects cloud service providers and enterprises with improved latency, performance and reliability. 
  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud Scalability and Interoperability — Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions allow customers to optimize cloud services, delivering flexibility and scalability as their business grows and evolves. Customers can utilize the best, fastest cloud service for any workload with cloud connect solutions from Amazon Web Services, Megaport, Telia, PacketFabric, Comcast, and more.
  • Climate-Positive Private Cloud and IaaS Shared and dedicated environment services from Opus Interactive allow customers to run private clouds with a consumption and billing model similar to public cloud models. In addition to HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOC 2 compliance, Opus delivers climate-positive cloud computing. The company goes beyond achieving carbon neutral cloud solutions to create an environmental benefit by offsetting emissions equivalent to the energy use of its private cloud and IaaS solutions.
  • Backup and Continuity — Opus Interactive offers backup and business continuity with full edge to cloud support. With the added regional and grid redundancy, customers’ business continuity strategy is supported.    
  • Cold and Hot Storage — Hot, cold, and hybrid solutions to support any storage strategies from immediate access to computational memory and storage for each individual edge device to rarely accessed data stored long term for legal or compliance purposes. 
  • 24x7 Observability — Single-pane observability — from sensors to satellites. Get monitoring and management with deep insights and added AI/ML predictive analytics integration for continuous improvement.  

"EdgeConneX recognizes that enabling cloud services at the edge is essential to moving enterprise digital transformation initiatives forward," said Phillip Marangella, chief marketing officer at EdgeConneX. "Recent studies suggest that well over 50% of business IT leaders believe that cloud migration is either ‘very difficult’ or ‘failing.’ Our collaboration helps bring essential hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to those enterprises, IT leaders, and edge markets that need it most. We are honored to partner with Opus Interactive and help make cloud migration a little easier.”