Opengear had a vision of providing customers a 10GbE solution and NetOps automation within an operations manager. The OM2200 Operations Manager not only accomplishes this goal, but it also landed a winning spot in the Top Tier Products.

The OM2224-24E-10G-L is the newest member of the NetOps Console Server series, enabling both advanced automation applications and smart out-of-band features, which include automated port discovery and VLAN support, in a single appliance. With dual 10GbE SFP+ Ethernet ports, the new model supports the higher bandwidth infrastructure common in data centers and high-density installations today and adds flexibility to configurations with both serial console and Ethernet ports. An embedded 4G-LTE cellular modem ensures access even when primary connections are not available.

It uses open architecture based on the Linux operating system and contains a TPM 2.0 chip, which provides a secure boot process to protect against configuration and firmware tampering. To keep configuration and software files on-site where they are needed, the console server includes 64GB of internal flash memory.

In designing the hardware, Opengear worked with its customers, strategic accounts, and architecture teams to co- develop the OM2224-24E-10G-L to meet the needs of large deployments. When researching the most beneficial features, the company focused on access to open source NetOps tools, types of ports, and flexibility.

“Through Opengear’s technology, devices can configure and mediate the gaps often caused by staffing shortages at data centers,” said Melinda Pham, assistant account executive, OPengear. “The automation tools allow devices to automatically provision, remediate, control and monitor its applications or other types of devices.”