SyCool provides owners and engineers with an alternative to chilled water and pumped refrigerant systems, which is what landed it the winner’s spot in the Thermal Management Solutions category.

This split system uses dual, two-phase thermosiphon circuits to remove heat from the white space and provides up to 500 feet of equivalent piping separation between the CRAH and condenser, making it a good fit for multistory data centers. What’s more is the thermosiphon piping between the CRAH units and condensers is low pressure refrigerant with no oil, allowing the use of flameless mechanical pipe couplings.

The efficient indoor CRAH units provide either flooded room or underfloor air delivery. They work by drawing warm air from the data hall using efficient, electronically commutated motor (ECM)-driven plenum fans. The air flows over the evaporator coils integral with the CRAH units, and liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat. Once this happens, there is a phase change from liquid to vapor. The vapor then travels up gas lines to external condensers, where ambient air, pulled by ECM-driven axial fans, flows over specially designed coils that condense the vapor back to a liquid. The liquid then flows back to the evaporator coils by gravity. When ambient air is too warm to provide 100% passive condensing, active condensing is initiated in a patent pending design. Multiple scroll compressors create cold refrigerant that flows through active plate and frame heat exchangers, imparting cooling to the thermosiphons to supplement passive condensing. SyCool eliminates the maintenance and energy costs of pumping systems as well as the complex sequencing controls required by chiller-based cooling platforms.

Additional benefits of the SyCool system include side-by-side mounting with no clearance, a compact design with no side access required, units are scalable in 400-kW increments with factory-validated controls, low annual energy usage with a mechanical PUE close to 1.1, excellent part-load performance, and the thermosiphon technology is compatible with direct-to-chip and immersion-type cooling systems.

“We are honored to be chosen as the recipient of this year’s Top Tier Product award for our SyCool Split product,” said Michael Gantert, president of Data Center Technologies at Munters. “At Munters, we take pride in introducing innovative, energy-efficient cooling solutions to the data center industry.  Our thermosiphon cooling technology represents the next chapter in a long history of innovation at Munters, and we greatly appreciate your recognition of our latest thermosiphon cooling product, SyCool Split.  Thank you!” 

The mission critical market is hungry for standard, validated scalability and efficiency, and SyCool uniquely has these characteristics.