When a mission critical event takes place, system administrators no longer need to waste time logging in and out of different systems to get messages out — they can reach all devices with just a few clicks or the push of a button, thanks to InformaCast Fusion from Singlewire, this year’s Top Tier Products award-winner in the Software category.

“InformaCast Fusion was created as a result of an intense analysis of what was currently available on the market and what our own customers have asked us to provide them from a solution standpoint,” said Paul Shain, CEO of Singlewire. “Many organizations rely solely on mass SMS text messaging solutions when trying to reach their people. While this may seem adequate, organizations need to be able to leverage on-premises and mobile devices when sending mission critical alerts to ensure messages reach as close to 100% of the intended audience as possible.

“We identified a need to be able to manage communications for all channels from a single tool, and that’s what InformaCast Fusion does,” he continued. “It offers a single, easy-to-use solution for organizations to send messages to all on-premises and mobile devices using text, audio, phone calls, images, emails, and more, so no one misses a message.”

Singlewire’s software solution offers a wide range of applications for mission critical industries. It offers customizable message templates, which means organizations can build notifications for whatever disruption they may encounter. This could be anything from active shooters and medical emergencies to severe weather and network outages. The goal is to get information into the hands of the people who need it quickly, so they keep operations running smoothly.

It also offers a number of automated functions that work in tandem with its notification capabilities. With integrations into gunshot detection devices, eyewash stations, and AED cabinets, system administrators can get the context they need around an event the moment it happens, speeding up the incident management process. At the same time a notification goes out, a production line can be shut down, doors can be locked, or strobe lights can be activated, reducing risk for people in the area.

During the recent pandemic, many organizations used InformaCast Fusion to help with the switch to remote work. The software was used to announce schedule changes, facility closings and reopenings, and even to prescreen employees for COVID-19 symptoms before they returned on-site

“Organizations rely on strong communication to help keep mission critical operations running,” Shain said. “This award highlights the benefits our InformaCast mass notification system can provide to help keep people safe and informed while maintaining operations.”