The winner of the Racks category is the Vertiv VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System. The judges chose this product because it offers a comprehensive IT solution in a plug-and-play system that quickly and easily installs in edge applications or wherever IT need is. The solution offers a pre-integrated IT rack that incorporates the Vertiv Geist PDU for intelligent switched outlet level monitoring across the rack; the Vertiv VRC self-contained rack cooling kit, offering up to 3.5 kW of energy-efficient cooling with an integrated heat rejection system; and embedded Vertiv Intelligence Director software for remote monitoring and management of all system components.

Customer feedback identified the need for a complete infrastructure solution — rack, cooling, power, and UPS — in a compact footprint for edge applications with airflow challenges. Ease of installation was also critical. Based on customer input, Vertiv developed a system with increased airflow management in the front of the rack to decrease hot air mixing with cool air within the rack.

Ideally suited for IT closets, open office spaces, remote locations, unconditioned areas, and light industrial areas, it’s available in eight pre-built standard options with four rack sizes and two voltage options (120 V or 208 V).

Piecing together the various components of an IT solution for edge applications can be a major challenge for today’s busy IT managers. From specifying the right components to waiting for a custom solution to be built to integrating the appropriate
cooling, the process consumes time and resources that aren’t always available. The Vertiv VRC-S takes the legwork and wait time out of the equation.