It may not come with a bow, but the Jumper in a Box ECO is Corning’s latest gift to its customers, and it comes with a commitment to sustainability.  

With most of the telecommunications industry using jumpers in some capacity, this product is used in both access networks and data center applications, ensuring headends, central offices, and hyperscalers have reliable connectivity while retaining the ability for simple moves, adds, and changes.

The JAIB ECO is truly a collaborative effort between experts at Corning and their end users — the perforated seam between jumper bags, easily recognizable product labels, and reorder notice are all suggestions from customers

“We also received requests from multiple customers for a refillable JIAB — while they used the jumpers in a short period of time, they really liked how long-lasting the box itself was,” said Patrick Lambert, communication specialist for Corning. “When those conversations began to involve the sustainability branches of both our own company, as well as our customers', it became a simple decision to launch a more eco-friendly JIAB offering.”

In order to accomplish this, the company sourced recycled, durable materials for the box's construction, and the engineers engaged customers to figure out the simplest way to cut down on waste and speed up deployment.

“Often in this industry, especially in the last 30 years, there hasn't been time to consider sustainability,” Lambert said. “Given how hectic our business is, we can barely accommodate the rate of growth, let alone do so in a renewable fashion.”

JIAB ECO is Corning's answer to this conundrum.