PowerLok 8700-8800 Series Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDUs) address the increasing adoption of 415VAC three-phase power as data center operators seek to maximize efficiency while ensuring uptime for their mission critical equipment. By increasing the voltage of power-distributed IT equipment, transformer losses are minimized. The PDUs include a range of three-phase WYE units from 20 to 60 A — up to 34 kW with form factors ranging from 24 to 82 inches and cord lengths from 6 to 15 feet to address a wide variety of needs. The full range of PowerLok products feature a slim design that allows improved access to equipment in power-dense racks and angled whip input cords that don’t interfere with equipment as they exit the rack. To simplify installation, Select Model PDUs incorporate Gateview’s innovative CordLok capability. This allows for single-hand insertion and removal of cords with a positive click when fully inserted. Furthermore, robotically soldered connections between the line cord and each receptacle eliminate all manual connections.