BKD Cyber is announced FedLine Assessment Services to help financial institutions comply with the FedLine assessment requirement.

The Federal Reserve Banks are implementing a Security and Resiliency Assurance Program due to the evolving security threat landscape. As part of this new program, institutions and service providers that use FedLine Solutions must conduct an assessment of their compliance with the Federal Reserve Banks’ FedLine security requirements and submit an attestation that they have completed the assessment.

BKD Cyber acquired the FedLine Solutions Security and Resilience Assurance Program, FedLine Advantage Security and Control Procedures (v1.0), and FedLine Web Security and Control Procedures (v1.0) to assist financial institutions in evaluating stated controls and providing a final report for the End User Authorization Contacts (EUAC) to complete their year-end attestation requirement. 

“I’m excited that BKD Cyber can now support clients with FedLine Assessment Services,” said Jeff Pauls, senior managing consultant, BKD. “We already have multiple clients requesting help to complete their assessment, and our team is looking forward to assisting financial institutions to develop a remediation plan to address deficiencies and stay compliant with the Federal Reserve’s new regulations.”