AUSTIN, Texas — Green Revolution Cooling announced its partnership with several companies in the data center ecosystem for the first Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month in August. Joining GRC in the initiative are Dell, Intel, Prasa, Vertiv, and Mission Critical magazine.

The month-long initiative will increase public awareness of the data center community on immersion cooling technology and its advantages over air-cooled facilities. Liquid immersion cooling not only reduces the energy consumption of today’s data centers but also enables the deployment of ever-increasing densities.

Throughout the month of August, GRC and its partners will provide educational sessions with end users, server manufacturers, and other data center stakeholders to discuss efficiency benefits and the reduction in CapEx and OpEx with liquid immersion cooling. Industry experts will use a series of webinars, blogs, and presentations to educate the public and those in the data center industry on how liquid immersion cooling contributes to cost-effective data centers.

Confirmed presenters include:

  • Amy Al-Katib, editor-in-chief of Mission Critical magazine
  • Nigel Gore, global head of high density and liquid cooling at Vertiv
  • Mohan J. Kumar, data platforms group fellow, Intel
  • Alan Brumley, OEM CTO at Dell Technologies

In addition to live and on-demand presentations, blogs will discuss the science of liquid immersion cooling and its benefits as well as debunk myths and misunderstandings.

The goal of GRC’s first ever Liquid Immersion Cooling Awareness Month is to demonstrate to end users and data center professionals that liquid immersion cooling is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to sustain data centers and society’s rapidly growing data consumption.

To sign up and learn more about this initiative click here.