WorkForce Suite features a fully integrated set of employee experience capabilities designed to facilitate meaningful, in-the-moment interactions between managers and their employees. Critical capabilities delivered in the newest release include two-way communications and real-time workforce data, which managers can use to engage staff, capture feedback, and act on employee sentiment. Harnessing these digital interactions through the WorkForce Suite can drive more effective employee engagement; provide for a safer, more compliant work environment; and boost employee retention for greater organizational resiliency and agility.

Organizations can now benefit from advancements to the software including the following.

WorkForce Experience — Creates powerful employee experiences that strengthen workplace bonds with communication and collaboration channels, easy access to information, in-the-moment feedback, micro-training, self-service, and automation.

WorkForce Labor Forecasting — Harnesses the power of machine learning to improve forecast models by evaluating new and historical data to more accurately predict labor needs and demand levels to ensure optimal staffing.

WorkForce Scheduling — Enables a flexible, collaborative approach to scheduling while still ensuring the needs of the business and internal and external policies are met. Employers can ensure qualified employees are placed when and where work needs to happen, while employees can communicate availability and resolve last-minute conflicts.

WorkForce Insights — Assists managers and executives to make faster, more accurate decisions based on key performance indicators, dynamic executive dashboards, data visualizations, and real-time insights that help them proactively take action to avoid undesirable labor costs, shortages, or negative employee experiences.