The BAC Nexus Modular Hybrid Cooler was designed to minimize maintenance cost by reducing spray water volume by up to 60% by allowing accessibility to all components at the front of the unit and by operating dry when temperature and climate allow. What’s more, it reduces water treatment costs with its DiamondClear Design, which prevents stagnant water in the system and minimizes scale buildup and biological growth. The new optional, compact, and fully integrated UV water disinfecting system rounds out the product’s enhanced water management system. Corrosion-resistant, premium materials are standard on the cooler, reducing the need for maintenance, while fan and motor redundancy reduce unplanned downtime. There is no need for permanent ladders or elevated platforms to perform routine maintenance, making it a safe option. Additionally, new optional accessories are now available to further reduce sound levels and help comply with stringent fire codes and sound requirements. It eliminates the need for a separate heat exchanger or controls, and it delivers reduced water treatment requirements, with no sweeper piping or side-stream filtration required. The system’s compact design makes it ideal for constrained spaces, including indoors. This compact design also reduces installation costs, as modules can fit into a freight elevator, thus eliminating the need for cranes or helicopters. This innovative hybrid cooler design also offers up to 50% water savings and 40% energy savings. The iPilot Control System automatically switches among three modes — fully evaporative, fully dry, or balanced Nexus mode — according to environmental conditions, operating priorities, and cooling demands.