Microsoft selected Preem to supply low-carbon fuel that can be used for the backup generators at its Sweden data centers. Important factors included the fact that Preem Evolution Diesel Plus contains at least 50% renewable raw material and is sourced from sustainable feedstocks.

"While diesel fuel accounts for less than 1% of our overall emissions, we believe it is important to help accelerate the global transition away from fossil fuels and a step to help drive demand for sustainably-sourced, low-carbon fuels,” said Noelle Walsh, corporate vice president, cloud operations and innovation, Microsoft.

Data centers use generators as backup power supplies and have historically used conventional fossil-based diesel. By choosing a renewable fuel, Microsoft expects at least 45% lower net carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional diesel fuel at its Swedish data centers.

"Preem wants to be part of the transition to sustainability and today invests significant resources in developing the market's most sustainable fuels,” said Christian Bjerdén, vice president and head of sales at Preem. “We are extremely pleased that Microsoft has chosen to collaborate with us in its journey toward becoming carbon dioxide negative by 2030. The collaboration with Microsoft and Caterpillar bodes well for the future.”