BCS is an independent, single-source data center provider that delivers enterprise-level, critical facilities operations through one fully integrated self-performance model. The result is industry-leading performance and lower operating expenses. BCS starts with facility management and layers in IT services, physical security, and a range of professional services into a single solution. BCS believes its people, processes, technology, and single-source approach are what makes the company standout. BCS’s innovative solutions leverage purpose-built technologies and industry best practices into one unifying delivery and continuous improvement framework. This framework utilizes a staff optimization and support structure that encompasses the entire employee and customer life cycle. BCS is a veteran-owned and operated business, and its customers include a number of the world’s top financial services and financial technology companies.


Uptime Institute’s Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval process is designed to incorporate the learnings of more than 25 years of site visits at critical facilities around the word to assist data center owners and operators to introduce consistency, transparency, and industry best practices into their own data center management and operations processes. Uptime Institute has analyzed countless data and routinely found that most reported data center outages are directly related to human error. These types of outages can occur despite the infrastructure topology of the data center. In turn, a well-managed data center can achieve availability to the business well beyond expectation and typically based solely on the topology of the installed infrastructure.


The Uptime Institute team provided clear and concise expectations for the audit process. This resulted in an efficient and thorough experience that was easy to understand and follow. The M&O Stamp of Approval process validated that the BCS practices and procedures meet the highest standards of operational excellence, as the company achieved a perfect score. However, insights from the audit process resulted in BCS changing how the company monitors and reports central chiller plant capacity management trend values from actual capacity to nominal.


BCS stated the M&O Stamp of Approval provides further validation to the efforts of their team and the pride associated with being recognized for day-to-day activities. The company continues to follow program outlines and best practices. The assessment process at Landmark Phoenix I sets high standards and expectations for BCS across the board. In fact, BCS plans to evaluate the use of the M&O Stamp of Approval on other sites to make their teams stronger.