The TELSEC MP1 monitors critical equipment, including AC/DC power systems, automatic transfer switches (ATSs), generators, inverters, UPSs, battery strings, etc. It also monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and fire/smoke, in cabinets, closets, cages, and small rooms found in data center, telecommunications, cable/broadband, utilities, government, industrial, commercial, and multi-residential facilities.

The system features a built-in web server for programming and status monitoring of the site, including extensive alarm logging and historical point data logging with a graphing engine. The alarm logic is programmable for multiple severity levels and delay times. All programming is stored in non-volatile memory and can easily and quickly be backed up to a PC or server. Alarm notifications are sent using SNMP traps/informs and email.

The MP1 monitors the incoming DC voltage powering the unit, plus it has six universal inputs that support monitoring temperature, contact closures, and any 0- to 5-VDC or 4- to 20-mA sensors. There are two digital outputs for alarm notification or control as well as an Ethernet port for remote communications.